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I’ve been waiting to post this one. Not because I was being lazy, not because I wanted to disregard it, and certainly not because I hate it.

This video – in my opinion – is my first real music video I’ve ever directed. It was an eight month process (much longer than any other video should take, filled with life changes, creative decisions, fun, and frustration), and many other videos have already come out before it was even released. But on an emotional, heart-filled front, this video means so much to me. I won’t say much as to why, but hey – meet me for coffee, and I’ll tell you everything about it.

I’ll likely make a million videos better this one (hopefully half of those will be branded with Nobigdyl’s name), but this will always be the one that counted.

Dylan and I were brought together through mutual friends and a love of artistic expression. That said, I intend on working with him for the rest of his career, and I’m positive that it will be a long one.

Check out what Dyl has going on: nobigdyl.com

Gigantic thanks to Derek Oxford for making this thing look as beautiful as it does.

Huge shout-out to RentaCamera.com and Adam Rector for helping me become (and continue to become) who I am on both a professional and personal front.

Kristen Brassel – “Sway”


Ever been in a bit of a funk? I can say – without a doubt – that I have been in the funkiest of funks for the past couple of months or so. Fortunately, when Kristen Brassel brought this song to me, it instantly lifted my spirits and brought a bit of cheer into my life, and I immediately knew it would do the same for others.

Kristen and I opted to do something rather simple for this video. She wanted to incorporate a photo-booth type of element, and I wanted to incorporate a party in which people and couples would be – quite literally – swaying.

While this video doesn’t have a ground-shaking story or any crazy plot twists, it brings about a light-hearted feeling that just simply makes you feel good. The slow-motion helps keep things light and easy-going, and the usage of the color yellow (Kristen’s choice) helps elevate the mood, too.

Fun fact about the truck you’ll see in the video: it came completely by coincidence. We had originally wanted an old-fashioned yellow truck for a video, but alas, nothing came up. We showed up at Kristen’s house at 7am to shoot, and lo and behold, the truck was parked at a gas station just down the street. The owner agreed to stop by when we needed him, and we got all the required shots while he was there!

Make sure to like Kristen Brassel on Facebook and check out her music.

Brandon Curtis – “Don’t Quit On Us”


The development of this video was a bit of a trying one for me. It paralleled my real, actual break-up of someone who I had been with for three years, and I suppose that the heartbreak carried over into the actual production. It was strange – within the week after our shoot date, I was single. The timing with impeccable. Post-production was done through a heavy period of depression, and I think that’s where a lot of the bluish color grading came from.

Brandon and I opted to go for more of a cinematic look for this piece of work in an effort to tell a story unlike typical music videos. We certainly weren’t literal, going for more of an abstract approach. Brandon’s character in the video seems to travel back in time, moving towards the left of the screen nearly constantly. He walks down a road and into a darker portion of his mind, revisiting a past love.

I don’t mean to sound like a pretentious filmmaker, but quite a bit of thought went into this one.

Brandon’s fantastic voice and guitar playing paired with Lindsey’s beautiful notes really has turned this song into one of my favorites. I hope for the best for both of them. They definitely have bright futures in their crafts, and I can only hope to work with them again soon.

Check out Brandon’s music here, and take a look at Lindsey’s art here.

Music In The Dark


There’s a local college ministry called Bonhoeffer’s in Murfreesboro, TN. In short, the ministry invites all types of musicians to come play on their stage in an environment that is both open and creative. Pretty cool stuff.

Last week, I stopped by to visit and brought along a Canon C300 from the The Video Company, the equipment rental shop that I work at part-time. In case you didn’t know, this camera is pretty boss at shooting in low-light situations - perfect for live concert settings. I also threw in a 2:35 crop for a more so-called “cinematic” experience, but honestly, I did it just because I thought it would be cool. It was.

From time to time, I put together videos such as these just for fun. Basically, they are just thirty-second to a minute vignettes of my life, but more importantly, they serve as “practice” to some extent. Bands practice, teams practice, so I guess I should practice, too.

Contact me for information about doing live shoots and more!

April Lockhart & Macy Kate Cover Lorde’s “Royals”


My good friend April (no relation) gave me a call a couple of weeks ago: “Josh, I know it’s short notice, but… Can you shoot a video tomorrow?”

As you may know, New Zealander Lorde’s song “Royals” is pretty much the song of the summer, so April and her friend Macy Kate decided to cover of it. We shot this video under an overpass right on Gay Street in Nashville in about two hours – pretty cool.

First Flight


I’ve always been a fan of creativity. You know, that special thing everyone has regardless of whether or not they say, “Oh, me? I’m not creative in the slightest form or fashion.”

Yeah, right. That’s ridiculous. I believe there’s a certain spark within everyone – one that can ignite a fire that is both strangely beautiful and potentially dangerous.

Creativity is just that: beautiful and dangerous, and I enjoy helping people ignite it.

I strive to assist others in letting their creativity move about freely – to take flight, I suppose. I typically do this by developing videos for others since it’s the perfect format to properly showcase literally any creative vessel: music, art, theatre, crafts, business, etc.

This is precisely why I established J. Lockhart Media – if anything, it’s just a title that I sit behind. I’m Joshua Lockhart, the guy who makes videos. But I’m also the guy who believes in the creative spirit of others. Simply put, I enjoy helping others release what’s inside of themselves in a way that nearly all audiences can comprehend.

Let’s make something awesome.

Voiceover work by Dave Scott of F4LL3N ART