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Photo Session with Easton Hamlin

I met Easton through our mutual friend Brian White when he was 14... or 15... or 16. One of those awkward teenage years. I'm not sure.

We shot a music video back then, and I'd say that it was a suitable video for a kid. Granted, the lyrics were beyond his years, and my mother (who can be found any given day listening to Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, or the Eagles in her home decorated with everything music) herself still gets a gleam in her eye when I bring them up. He was a good songwriter then, and he's a good songwriter now.

But now he's 21, and he's written by far one of the most magnificent set of lyrics I've ever heard in the form of Man Behind the Curtain.

Fortunately, Easton contacted me again right as I was realizing I had been dealing with my own "man behind the curtain" situation for the past five years, and with a bit of grace allowed me to take these photos of him. 

I encourage you to take a listen to this new single once it's out, because this is the kind of country music we should be listening to. His EP release show is this Tuesday, April 17th at the Local starting at 6pm with special guest Caleb Long.

Keep on the lookout for a live video coming up soon, too.